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Title: Illegitimi Non Carborundum
Author: what-larks
Fandom: Glee
Characters: Artie, Kurt
Summary: In which Artie learns two things about Kurt, first that he’s a pretty good guy, and second that he should never be fucked with. Kurt already knows both of those things about Artie.
Set during An Extraordinarily Merry Christmas

To be honest, Artie isn’t paying much attention to Kurt, he’s still trying to figure out if the camera should follow Kurt and Blaine through the door in a continuous shot or if he should just cut from the porch to the living room and save himself from trying to find an angle that didn’t reveal the missing fourth wall. But Artie is a good director, he can soothe egos in his sleep and West Side Story has taught him how each of his actors want to be handled. Rachel wants to hear about her limitless talent, Blaine wants to hear that he’s the linchpin holding everything together, Mercedes — he’s learning — likes to be admired for her hard work, Kurt mostly wants to be trusted and challenged, he wants to hear “I know you can do it, now prove me right” but first he wants a chance to rant.

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