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Title: Tim Drake is a Homosexual
Author: glitterandlube
Fandom: DC Comics
Warnings: Damien
Summary: exactly what it says on the tin

"Also, Tim is gay, did you hear?"

Bart stares at Kon, and stage-whispers, “Kon, Tim is sitting right there.”

"Yeah, I know. He came out and he’s sharing the special news with everyone. Respect his announcement by acting shocked, jackass."

"Oh! OH! My god. I did not know. At all."

Tim mumbles, “Fuck my life,” very, very quietly

"You are not an incubus." He waves his hand over Tim and adds, "You appear to simply have gained the ability to alter emotions into lust."

Tim tries to pass out again, but that doesn’t work either. Batman says, “I am sure this could be useful,” but he doesn’t look happy. Jason Todd leans over to look down at Tim, and he says, “Little brother, you have all the luck.”

Tim stares at him, horrified. Dick pushes Jason out of the way, and says, “It’ll be okay, Tim. We deal with it.” He strokes Tim’s forehead, and Tim relaxes a little bit.

Jason says, “Yeah, I mean Dick has been able to change other emotions into lust his whole life, and it’s worked out okay for him.”

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